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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

We are living in the world that shaking.

Shaking in all areas of our life and living. The nature world seems cracking all the way into it's core. Heavens falling apart and technology fail us. 

What in Hebrew 12 verse 27 says, tells us that this scenario should happen in the last days to prove that those cannot be shacking will remain. And in verse 28 statedthat  the only thing cannot be shacking is the Kingdom of God.

The question is, where are we standing on.. our kingdom, this kingdom, our strength or.. His Kingdom. 

If then, how are we going to survive trough out this world phenomena nowadays..

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ada Satu Cerita Politik Zaman Yesus 1

Ketika Yesus dalam saat-saat akan terangkat ke sorga, murid-muridNya bertanyakan satu soalan yang sering menjadi pertanyaan bagi banyak individu, kumpulan, puak, bangsa mahupun fahaman (politik)masa kini, iaitu: "Tuhan, maukah Engkau pada masa ini memulihkan kerajaan bagi Israel?" (kis 1:6b)
Mereka seakan tertekan akan persoalan ini.. mereka masih mempunyai pemahaman bahawa Yesus datang untuk memulihkan kedudukan politik bangsa Israel yang pada masa tersebut dijajah oleh Empayar Rom. Pada saat-saat Yesus mahu terangkat ke sorga, mereka tertanya-tanya bila lagi pemulihan tersebut dilakukan oleh Yesus.

Tetapi jawapan Yesus berikut merupakan bukan sahaja menyatakan 'worldview' Yesus tentang politik dunia tetapi juga meletakkan kedudukan kita sebagai orang percaya di dalam situasi politik masa kini. Jawab Yesus adalah: "Engkau tidak perlu mengetahui masa dan waktu, yang ditetapkan Bapa sendiri menurut kuasa-Nya..." (Kis 1:7a). Ini bermaksud, adalah bukannya urusan kita sama ada berlakunya atau tidak perubahan politik di satu-satu tempat. Ramai manusia melihat bahawa perubahan politik adalah disebabkan oleh inisiatif dan usaha manusia, sebenarnya ianya sepenuhnya di dalam wibawa dan pengaruh Tuhan sendiri.

Perkataan 'engkau' merujuk kepada individu atau merujuk kepada satu orang... yang bertanya adalah beberapa murid Yesus, tetapi Yesus membahasakan diri mereka sebagai individu berasingan. Ini bermaksud apabila kita memasuki atau campur tangan dalam soal dan urusan Tuhan mengenai politik dunia, kita cenderung menjadikan diri kita bersifat individualistik dan mengakibatkan perpecahan dan keretakan kesatuan. Memang benar pada hakikat masa kini bahawa politik lebih banyak mempromosikan fahaman perkauman, asubiah dan juga menanamkan sikap benci, prasangka dan kepahitan.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christian Mentorship

How to lead by example

By Dr. Jeff Myers

The people of Jesus’ day hoped for a ruler who would free Judea from tyrannical rule. However, Jesus turned the tables by confronting their infatuation with power.

After a journey one day Jesus asked his disciples what they had been talking about on the road. They were ashamed to admit that they had been discussing who would be the greatest in the kingdom. Jesus gave a simple reply, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35)

The word “servant” used here comes from the Greek word Doulos, which means “one who willingly becomes a slave.” Jesus led by example. He alone became the servant of all.

But his challenge to the disciples is still a challenge to us today: we lead in direct proportion to our willingness to be a strong foundation for those who come after us. In the words of Glen Shultz, leadership involves “learning to rise to the bottom.”

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Evaluate Your Accomplishments

You start your new year thinking things you want to accomplish that year, thinking a thing not a big thing, but it’s up to you. For better evaluation at the end of a year, writing it on or make a documented references is a good idea. Important note: Accomplishments is nothing to do with doing with flowing, means you just live your life!

Do something new, if not a different thing, at least doing things with different way.
Things that can be measure, in terms of value or volume, but most of all something to do with your character and your inner man!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Songs

A christmas song originally composed by Mr. Lorend Telajan, years ago in Malaya University Fifth College. And it still a blessing to me, not to forget to all the Fifth Collegian (1990 - 1994): Susani Jinipol, Stella Rundi, Dena MaxMillan Edmund, Anita Pariuk, Miki Vincent and Dedua Tiam...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fossil In Sabah

I've captured this video on June 2008, in Pinangoh, Kinabatangan Sabah.

More on Youtube, please leave a comment on this findings!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Builder Building

It was my first experienced ever in building big and massive cost! Not really? Around 70 to 100 MR (Malaysian Ringgit). People are watching and putting their trust on you, others just sits and munching around but the worst (my feeling) was what really they have in their mind, expecting or just ignoring. My conclusion? Experience big and massive things from GOD, really a builder for my life of being His! (The picture is just a 'hiasan', the real one is in my memory)